VINTRO is a curious wine import who wish to put focus on the forgotten biodiversity and its thousand grapes

150 different Grapes in our Boutique on Nørrebro
Since the stone age wine has been harvested and fermented from thousand difference grape variations. The diversity has, however, been affected by the globalisation and we now have 8 dominant grape varieties. Numerous local grapes are being replaced with so called global varieties. This is a great loss for the curious wine lovers and VINTRO therefore wish to break with the standardisation and promote 140 other grape varieties - Wines that invites to a diversity of unknown and intriguing savours. Jointly with all who loves wine and dare to challenge their senses and extent their wine knowledge, we start with presenting grapes as, Assyrtiko, Nosiola, Jacquere and 140 others.

Vintro - Winefaith
Vintro in Danish is a reference to Tro Vin, meaning faithful wine and we in Vintro have wine faith. Every wine is picked for its authenticity and place of origin. In a globalised world where wine often is made with enzymes and purchased yeast instead of belief and natural grapes, Vintro tries a different path. In the quest for authentic savours in all of Europe’s vally’s has the wine enthusiasts met winemakers, hidden and forgotten grapes, traditions and different tastes, which now deserve your attention. 

The pure wine 
The increased competition on the wine market means that the farmers use large amount of inorganic fertilizer, pesticides and sulfite, when they grow, ferment and refine wine. VINTRO strive to find the best price for each grape variation, however, we challenge ourselves by selecting wines grown with as little chemistry added as possible. We make demands from the farmer and double check their analysis. The wines found in Vintro only have half, or less, sulfite as the law allows. We see this as the way to ensure that we get clean products and ultimately a balanced and sustainable wine production. 

The best wine
The best wine is the one that you like. Beside the 150 different grapes variations, Vintro also have the 100 most wanted appellation from Amarone to Xeres, from east Georgia to Portugal’s wet vest and from southern Italy to north Denmark. We stick to the European wines, why ship wine 14.000 km over equator when Europa has it all? Think global buy local.
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